About us

Our company, with years of experience in the plastic packaging industry; aims to offer the most advantageous, healthiest and safest packaging. For this purpose, our company is aware of the fact that food packaging is a subject that requires precision.


Our Environment and Quality Policy

As our company, we are sensitive to our environment and we are constantly revising our environment and quality policy in accordance with current legal regulations and quality standards in order to never compromise on our quality.

Our Quality

  • Our products are permanently made according to technical standards and never differ.
Our environmental policy
  • Using raw materials suitable for contact with food in the environment and hygienic environment.
  • To increase the shelf life of the products, to increase the time from production to consumption, to ensure that food reaches economically and without waste.
  • It aims to fulfill its social responsibility duty to the environment and society.
  • To raise awareness of our employees not to harm the environment and natural life.